How do people get around…

Have you ever asked yourself how system administrators get around certain problems (cheaply, if not for free)?

Simply put in a comment with what you would like to better understand and I will try my best to write an article about it.. So go on, give it a go. Add a comment of a problem you have and we will see what solution we come up with.

UPDATE: Please comment on topics you want me to write about!

9 thoughts on “How do people get around…”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    I would like to know some more about setting up a good DFS-R when used in conjunction with software deployment.

    I would also like to know if there is a Exchange 2010 AD detection mechanism that can tell me if something is wrong. Recently i installed 2 new Exchange 2010 servers and they seem to play up all the time.

    Also do you have any good ways to ensure that 2003 DC servers and 2008 R2 DC servers can co-exist? We seem to constantly have random issues. not sure if they are related to Firewall service, UAC or some other new features in 2008 r2 server.


    • Hi Ronnie,

      Just wanted to let you know the article im writing is coming soon – but to let you know there are some great articles already out there so ill be doing a summary and pointing you to the most accurate detailed articles.

  2. I tried to boot a XP computer using Safe Mode with Command prompt option, but I still get the graphical login screen (Ctrl-Alt-Del). How do I avoid this login screen?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  3. I’d like an easy way to ensure my customized OWA login screen isn’t overwritten by Exchange updates. Can I just mark the files as Read Only?


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