Exchange 2010 test scripts

I have a need to test our simple single server Exchange 2010 environment when doing upgrades and major changes. Generally it doesn’t happen very often so I tend to forget all the areas I really should be testing. This is a scribble of items that I feel I should test and may hopefully help others when they do their testing. I will be updating this post when do come up with additional tests – and potentially some PS scripts as well that help in the testing.


I will split the tests into categories as your change may only be to do with a particular component and may shuffle things around as I update this post.

Microsoft Test

  1. Go to and run the full series of tests applicable. If any errors come up be sure to document them. Also make sure you run this test before and after changes as some may have been present from before.

Basic Email

  1. Send email to [email protected]. This will automatically reply with an email from Verizon Business Envelope Facility <[email protected]>.
  2. Send email to second internal mailbox that is on a different database (if you use more than one database). Verify email is received and can be replied back.


  1. Book a meeting with an internal users an a resource. Confirm that the internal user received the email, and that it responds with an accept. Confirm that the originating user has acknowledgement of resource booking, and that user 2 has accepted.
  2. Cancel the same meeting and make sure the resource attendant clears the booking for the resource.

Mobility and OWA

  1. Send an email from a mobile device with ActiveSync configured. Make sure you can also receive email correctly to the mobile device.
  2. Log onto from an external connection and make sure OWA provides a logon screen. Enter credentials and make sure your web-mail loads accordingly.
  3. Log onto webmail internally and make sure your email comes up straight away. Your AD account should be logged in automatically.

Address Book

  1. When connected to Exchange via Cached mode go to Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Download Address Book… > Download Full Details and OK. Click on the Address Book and validate that users/groups are populated accordingly.

Public Folders

  1. Check your user can access public folders.

NOTE: If you have any suggestions i would appreciate you commenting so I can include them.

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  1. If using a DAG: Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server ExchangeServerName(s). This will give you the Content Index State of databases.


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